Catering Appliance Maintenance

Alecta offer Catering Appliance Maintenance services in the Ringwood, Dorset and Hampshire areas.

Wear and tear of catering appliances can make their performance inefficient. Therefore, general servicing of your appliances can prolong the life of your equipment, make them work more economically and also can identify early on, potential faults. Fault diagnosis on a preventative maintenance visit can identify potential problems and offer a pro-active solution, eliminating the downtime of an appliance, which is critical to your business.

Contact Alecta for a solution to your problem with:
Warewashing: Glasswashers, Dishwashers and Utensil & Potwashers
Catering: Water Boilers, Combination Ovens, Grills, Fryers, Ranges, Mixers, Food Processors, Hot trolleys, Bain Maries
Refrigeration: Fridges, Freezers, Bottle Coolers, Ice Machines

Catering Appliance Maintenance Ringwood

Planned Preventative Maintenance

The Benefits

  • Safety in daily operation and cooking quality
  • Minimize the risk of breakdowns of business critical appliances and costs
  • Positive influence on the unit life expectancy
  • Value of customer´s investment is protected
  • Management attention decreases
  • Cost overview and planning is much easier
  • Running costs are reduced by necessary component checks and precise adjustments (water, energy, cleaning products)
  • Further developed component upgrades can be advised if they are of benefit. New service parts are used
  • Exchange of small components during a maintenance visit can reduce costs long term; for example, changing worn hoses, reducing the risk of larger components such as fan motor becoming damaged from water

Preventative maintenance improves equipment efficiency and helps save energy and day-to-day running costs; it is also proven to extend the life expectancy of appliances.

During our service visits, we provide our clients with detailed appliance condition reports and confirmation of checks carried out on our engineers visit. Engineers identify any items of equipment that may need remedial work or possible replacement. Quotes are then sent to our clients, to allow them to make and informed decision, plan ahead and budget accordingly.

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