Gas Inspections

Reducing risk to property and complying with Gas Safe requirements is something we understand is critical to your business.

Is is a legal requirement to have safety checks carried out on your Gas appliances at least once every 12 months. With Alecta being a Gas Safe registered company and having the knowledge and expertise to carry out these essential checks, providing you with formal Gas Safe certification and peace of mind for you, your staff and customers after successful inspections.

Part of the Gas Safety Regulations requires employers to ensure that gas appliances, flues, pipe work and safety devices are maintained in a safe condition. Non-compliance could affect any insurance claims.

Health & Safety is an important aspect of any business, by having inspections at regular intervals assists you with ensuring you comply with existing and new requirements, such as;

  • The Gas Safety Regulations
  • Ventilation efficiency, confirming there is no risk of dangerous fumes in the kitchen
  • Electrical safety checks

These reduce the risk of danger to your employees, customers and damage to your property.

Click here to view the HSE Catering Information Sheet 23.

Click here to view the HSE Catering Information Sheet 10.

Preventative maintenance improves equipment efficiency and helps save energy and day-to-day running costs; it is also proven to extend the life expectancy of appliances.

During our service visits, we provide our clients with detailed appliance condition reports and confirmation of checks carried out on our engineers visit. Engineers identify any items of equipment that may need remedial work or possible replacement. Quotes are then sent to our clients, to allow them to make and informed decision, plan ahead and budget accordingly.

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